Notes on Style, with the designer

SF: Could you explain Ghana’s influence on your style?

N. Adusei:  I didn’t really have much to choose from when growing up, either the clothing stores were overly expensive or the cheaper ones were worn out and are rejects from the developed countries.

Wearing more worn out clothings and selecting the best from the bunch of rubbish clothing blurred out my desire for pristine look. Hence my attachment to deliberately worn out fabric choice.

SF: You talk about your sister's alot, what were there influences on you?

N. Adusei : Growing up as the only boy in the midst of 3 girls I understood quickly the essence of fitting when it’s comes to garments. My definition of a proper fitting is free movement and comfort.

Sexy is really the way you carry yourself. I also learned that walking with a purse everywhere is not practical. Hence pockets in every look I would sometimes wear their garments while growing up because maybe I liked the feel or the look of it and this influenced my androgynous desire.

SF: Explain your term "Perfect imperfection" when it comes to style

N. Adusei:  I like to design pieces that speaks flawed with confidence because I’ve always had the believe you’re only perfect when you die.

My attention to detail is usually in the look and fit of a garment and less of the nitty gritty stitches.