Africa! ➢


Arguably the oldest continent on earth and

undoubtedly the oldest territory inhabited.

Some Africans are descendants of a species from the

Sirius star system, eight and half light years away.

Tribe lore revealed the precise location of certain

astronomical bodies and phenomena that were not

to be discovered by modern science for hundreds of years.

*and Africa is still a mystery to the rest of the world, today*


Traditional African style integrates luxurious hand woven fabric which is draped on without closures. These styles are heavily influenced by occasion. This semi genderless swag is passed on at a younger age. The adornment of gold jewels' symbolize wealth and provides a sense of belonging. 

With a vast array of cultures, traditions, and languages, Africa is known as the homeland of diversity. But within, shining uniformities do exist. An emphasis on progressive thinking is evident within all, as well as the mindset of looking your best when attending sacred ceremonies. 


Africa is not just a continent ~rather~ a desired way of life. At Triangular Faces, we reflect upon our indigenous culture to style the future.  

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